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Vegetarian Dishes

Mild Delux (Special Curries)

Chicken £9.00 • Soft Lamb £9.30 • Lamb Tikka £9.50 

 Prawn £9.00  Vegetable £8.00 • King Prawn £11.00


Served with fried rice or plain nan

66) Tikka Makhani

Cooked in a creamy sauce prepared with cashew nuts & herbs

67) Tikka Chasni

Cooked in sweet & sour sauce

68) Tikka Shan Chasni

Cooked with ground cashew nuts & fresh cream to give a mild creamy sauce with a sweet & sour flavour

69) Tikka Bahar

Creamy mild sauce with pineapple

70) Tikka Kashmiri

Cooked with fruit & a touch of cream

71) Tikka Masala

Cooked in creamy sauce with onions, capsicums, ground cashew nuts & a touch of cream

72) Tikka Lazeze

Cooked with a creamy mild cheese with fresh creamy cashew nuts & almond flakes

73) Tikka Pasanda

Cooked with fresh cream, cashew nuts & almond flakes

74) Tikka Special

Prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, banana & pineapple

75) Red Ford Tikka

Ground cashew nuts, sultanas & fresh cream. Smooth & fresh taste

76) Tikka Pari

Cooked with mushrooms, onion & fresh cream

77) Tikka Moonlight

Mild & creamy with nuts

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