Curry Club

Spicy Selection (Special Curries)

Most of the speciality dishes are cooked in a traditional tandoori style

Chicken £8.00 • Soft Lamb £8.30 • Lamb Tikka £8.50 

 Prawn £8.00  Vegetable £7.50 • King Prawn £9.70


Served with fried rice or plain nan

43) Tamarind Tikka Masala

Cooked with green peppers & onions in a special masala sauce

44) Tikka Sindrie

Cooked with mushrooms, green peppers & special sauce

45) Tikka Jaipuri

Cooked with mushrooms, onion, capsicums & special Punjabi sauce

46) Tikka Achari

Cooked with mixed pickle

47) Tikka Garam Masala

Cooked with onion, garlic, ginger to give an excellent dish. Best served medium to hot

48) Tikka Special Bhoona

Cooked with onion, capsicums, tomato & green herbs

49) Tikka Chilli Kerala

A patia style for the slightly hotter palate using fresh green chillies & ground kali mirch with a hint of coconut

50) Tikka Parsi Masala

An excellent parsi style favourite, cooked with mango chutney flavoured daal using medium spices & coriander

51) Tikka Massandar

Cooked with green pepper, onion, tomato, green chillies. Slightly hot dish

52) Tandoori Masala

Cooked in tandoori sauce

53) Tikka Faisle Pure Royal

Cooked in various spices & green chillies. Hot dish

54) Tikka Royale

Cooked with mushroom, touch of yoghurt & garam masala

55) Tikka Special Curry

Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & prawns, cooked in a variety of Eastern spices

56) Tikka Ceylonese Curry

A fairly hot curry cooked with lemon, fresh green chillies, creamed coconut, herbs & spices. Hot dish

57) Tikka Masaledar

Cooked in various special spices & selected Pubjabi masalas. Delightful tangy dish

58) Tikka Neshelee

Cooked in a thick sauce with mushrooms & onions

59) Lamb Mehtigosht

Tender lamb cooked in various green herbs

60) Tikka Nantara

Cooked with chopped onions, tomato, methi, garlic & ginger

61) Tikka Pubjabi Masala

Cooked with capsicums & Punjabi masala sauce

62) Tikka Garlic Chilli

Cooked with onions, garlic & chilli sauce

63) Tikka Rogan Josh

Cooked with onions & Rogan Josh sauce

64) Tikka Jalfrezi

Cooked with ginger, garlic, green pepper, green chillies & onion

65) Tikka Dosti

Cooked with onions, green peppers flavoured with special marinated sauce

66) Tikka Betrayal 

All nice & hot spices with crushed green chillies

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